9th ICTHIC Slides

Friday, April 13th, 2018

Plenary Session 1: Epidemiology of thrombosis in cancer

PL-01 Revisiting occult cancer screening in patients with unprovoked venous thromboembolism - M. Carrier

PL-02 - Prothrombotic genotypes and risk of venous thromboembolism in cancer - J.B. Hansen

PL-03 - Cancer prognosis in patients with venous thromboembolism (VTE) and patients with clinical and laboratory biomarkers predicitive of VTE risk - H. Liebman

OC-01 - Cancer associated venous thromboembolism: incidence and impact on survival - A.M. Brunson, T.H.M. Keegan, A. Mahajan, R.H. White, T. Wun

OC-02 - Risk and prognosis of cancer after lower limb lrterial thrombosis - J. Sundbøll, K. Veres, E. Horváth-Puhó, K. Adelborg, H. Toft Sørensen

Plenary Session 2 : Candidate targets for CAT prevention

PL-05 - Mechanisms coupling thrombin to metastasis and tumorigenesis - J. Palumbo 

PL-06 - The role of podoplanin in cancer-associated thrombosis - C. Ay 

PL-08 - Mouse models of cancer-associated thrombosis - N. Mackman 

OC-04 - Differences in the platelet proteome between patients with cancer at high risk of venous thromboembolism and healthy controls - L.M. Mauracher, H. Ercan, E. Grilz, L. Hell, C. Ay, I. Pabinger, M. Zellner

OC-05 - Coagulation as a pharmacodynamic biomarker in breast cancer: Changes in tumour expression of extrinsic clotting factors in response to breast cancer treatment  - J. Castle, S. Pritchard, M. Dowsett, N.J. Bundred, C.C. Kirwan

Plenary Session 3Predictors and clinical risk models for VTE and prognosis in cancer

PL-09 - Hemostatic biomarkers in cancer progression - A. Falanga 

PL-10 - Updated clinical model for VTE prediction in medical patients - G. Gerotziafas 

PL-11 - Risk prediction in cancer-associated thrombosis: Appraising the first decade and developing the future - A.A. Khorana 

OC-06 - Coagulation factor V is expressed in tumors and predicts favorable outcome in aggressive breast cancer - M. Tinholt, Ø. Garred, E. Borgen, E. Beraki, E. Marit Sletten, K. Kleivi Sahlberg, P.M. Sandset, N. Iversen 

OC-07 - Development and validation of a risk model for prediction of venous thromboembolism in gynaecological cancer patients - L.A. Norris, F. Abu Saadeh, M. Ward, S.A. O'Toole, Z. Machocki, N. Ibrahim, N Gleeson


Saturday, April 14th, 2018

Plenary Session 4: Dealing with bleeding in cancer

PL-12 - Clinical characteristics of DIC in patients with solid or hematological cancers - M. Levi

PL-13 - Mechanisms and management of coagulopathy in APL - V. Mathews

PL-14 - Management of thrombocytopenia in cancer - G. Castaman

PL-15 - Newer antithrombotic agents targeting novel mechanisms that might not increase bleeding in cancer - N. Mutch

OC-08 - Anticoagulation in thrombocytopenic patients with hematological malignancy: A multi-center, multinational decision making analysis - A. Leader, V. ten Cate, A. ten Cate-Hoek, E. Beckers, G. Spectre, P. Raanani, H. Schouten, A. Falanga, H. ten Cate

OC-09 - Bleeding rates and risk factors among cancer and non-Cancer patients: A comparison of several anticoagulants - D.E. Angelini, T. Radivoyevitch, K. McCrae, A.A. Khorana

Plenary Session 5: Complex hemostatic conditions

PL-16 - Thromboembolism in childhood lymphoblastic leukemia - G. Kenet 

PL-17 - Predictive factors of fatal bleeding in APL - S. Mantha 

PL-18 - Thrombotic microangiopathy in cancer - I. Weitz 

OC-10 - Internal and external validation of THROLY (thrombosis lymphoma) score - D. Antic, M. Biljana, N. Milic, B.D. Cheson, M. Narkhede, I. Panovska, S. Trajkova, M. Popova, P. Llamas, , A.G. Raso, A. Delluc, J.C. Ianotto, G.T. Gerotziafas, and J. Fareed 

OC-11 - Clinical and laboratory characterization of platelet dysfunction caused by ibrutinib treatment in patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia - M.A. Alberelli, I. Innocenti, F. Autore, S. Sica, L. Laurenti, E. De Candia

Plenary Session 6: Thromboprophylaxis  in cancer patients

PL-20 - Venous thromboembolism in hospitalized cancer patients:  Update on 16 years of data from US - G. Lyman 

PL-21 - Findings from the recent published clinical trials on thromboprophylaxis in cancer - P. Mismetti

PL-22 - Antidotes for target specific oral anticoagulants: what news? - W. Ageno 

OS-01 - CASSINI Study - A.A. Khorana 

OS-02 - AVERT Study - M. Carrier 

OS-03 - The potential for protein disulfide isomerase inhibitors to prevent thrombosis in cancer - J. Zwicker 

OC-12 - Dynamic thromboembolism risk modelling in patients with non-small cell lung cancer: a prospective cohort study - M. Alexander, D. Ball, B. Solomon, M. MacManusb, R. Manser, B. Riedel, D. Westerman, S.M. Evans, R. Wolfe, K. Burbury

OC-13 - Patient perspectives of thromboprophylaxis in multiple myeloma: Results from the thromboprophylaxis in multiple myeloma (TiMM) study - Z. Sayar, J. Czuprynska, J.P. Patel, R. Benjamin, L.N. Roberts, R.K. Patel, V. Cornelius, R. Arya


Sunday, April 15th, 2018

Plenary Session 7: Exploring the relationship between hemostasis and cancer: New insights

PL-23 - Single cell coagulomes as constituents of the oncogene-driven coagulant phenotype in brain tumours - J. Rak

PL-25 - NETosis, platelets and cancer - A.K. Olsson

PL-26 - Novel strategies of coagulation inhibition for reducing tumor growth and angiogenesis - Y. Nadir

OC-14 - Factor Xa inhibitors Apixaban and Rivaroxaban suppress the release of TF-bearing microvesicles from cancer cell lines - S. Featherby, C. Ettelaie, A. Maraveyas

OC-15 - Blocking Tissue Factor signaling in breast cancer inhibits tumor metastasis - B. Ünlü, B. Kocatürk, W. Ruf, H.H. Versteeg

Debate: Are new anticoagulants a safe and reasonable alternative to low molecular weight heparins?

YES - H.R. Buller (The Netherlands)

NO - S. Noble (UK)

Plenary session 8: Treatment of VTE in cancer patients: Advances and unmet needs 

PL-27 - Overview of VTE treatment in cancer according to clinical guidelines - A.Y. Lee

PL-29 - VTE management: emerging insights from the GARFIELD VTE registry - A.J. Kakkar

PL-30 - Management of recurrent venous thromboembolism in patients with cancer - S. Schulman 

OC-18 - Anticoagulation therapy in SELECTeD cancer patients at risk of recurrence of venous thromboembolism: Results of the ‘select-d’ pilot trial - A. Young, A. Marshall, J. Thirlwall, O Chapman, A Lokare, C Hill, D. Hale, J.A. Dunn, A. Kakkar, M. Levine, on behalf of the select-d Collaborative Group