The contribution from the international scientific community

The conference chairmen are proud to enlist here below the colleagues that will serve as faculty members of the 12th ICTHIC, and warmly thank all of them for the valuable contribution they will give for a successful meeting.

Faculty Members

Angchaisuksiri Pantep - Thailand 

Ay Cihan - Austria

Bauersachs Rupert M. - Germany

Becattini Cecilia - Italy

Brenner Benjamin - Israel

Cannegieter Suzanne C. - The Netherlands

Carrier Marc - Canada

Castoldi Elisabetta - The Netherlands

Cohen Alexander - UK

Connors Jean M. - USA

De Candia Erica - Italy

De Stefano Valerio - Italy

Delluc Aurélien - Canada

Di Nisio Marcello - Italy

Elalamy Ismail - France

Faioni Elena - Italy

Falanga Anna - Italy

Fuster Josè Javier - Spain

Gerotziafas Grigoris - France

Giavazzi Raffaella - Italy

Iversen Nina - Norway

Jara-Palomares Luis - Spain

Kakkar Ajay J. - UK

Karamouzis Michails V. - Greece

Kevane Barry - Ireland

Khorana Alok A. - USA

Kirwan Cliona - UK

Kuderer Nicole - USA

Labianca Roberto - Italy

Lauw Mandy N. - The Netherlands

Lavitrano Maria Luisa - Italy

Leader Avi - Israel

Lee Agnes Y.Y. - Canada

Levi Marcel - UK

Liebman Howard A. - USA

Mantha Simon - USA

Marchetti Marina - Italy

Maugeri Norma - Italy

McCrae Keith - USA

Moik Florian - Austria

Monreal Manuel B. - Spain

Mulder Frits - The Netherlands

Muñoz Martín Andres J. - Spain

Napolitano Mariasanta - Italy

Noble Simon - UK

O’Sullivan Jamie Marie - Ireland

Olsson Anna-Karin - Sweden

Pabinger Ingrid - Austria

Palumbo Joe - USA

Panicot-Dubois Laurence - France

Panova-Noeva Marina - Germany

Rocca Bianca - Italy

Rosell Axel - Sweden

Rossi Elena - Italy

Ruf Wolfram - Germany

Sandset Per Morten - Norway

Sanfilippo Kristen M. - USA

Schieppati Francesca - Italy

Selby Rita - Canada

Taraboletti Giulia - Italy

ten Cate Hugo - The Netherlands

ten Cate-Hoek Arina J. - The Netherlands

Tselepis Alexandros D. - Greece

Tufano Antonella - Italy

van Es Nick - The Netherlands

Wang Tzu-Fei - Canada

Weitz Ilene - USA

Yeini Eilam– Israel

Young Annie - UK

Zwicker Jeffrey - USA