Plenary Sessions-27/05/2022

Friday, May 27th, 2027

  • Congress Opening: Anna Falanga (Italy), Benjamin Brenner (Israel), Alok A. Khorana (USA)

  • Plenary Session 1: Emerging trends in cancer associated thrombosis
    Chairs: R. Selby (Canada), P.M. Sandset (Norway)

PL01 - VTE in cancer in contemporary era
F. Mulder (The Netherlands)

PL02 - Contemporary breast cancer treatment-associated thrombosis 
C. Kirwan (UK)

PL03 - Machine learning for risk stratification of CAT
G. Gerotziafas (France)

PL04 - Venous Thromboembolism and Risk Stratification in Hematological Malignancies 
K.M. Sanfilippo (USA)

Selected Abstract

OC-01: Mortality impact of cancer-associated venous thromboembolism: Final analysis from Oncothromb12-01 study
M. Ruiz, A. Muñoz, C. Font, V. Castellón, M. Salgado, E. Martínez, A. Rupérez, A. Cárdenas, R. Martín-Lozano, I. González-Caraballo, R. Jiménez, L. Ortega, E. Salas, J.M Soria (Spain)

OC-02: Outcomes of cancer-associated isolated superficial vein thrombosis in daily practice
F. Langer, H.E. Gerlach, A. Schimke, A. Heinken, U. Hoffmann, T. Noppeney, D. Pittrow, J. Klotsche, E. Rabe, R. Bauersachs (Germany)

  • Plenary Session 2: Exploring the relationship between hemostasis and cancer: New insights
    Chairs: A.K. Olsson (Sweden), R. Giavazzi (Italy)

PL05 - P-Selectin as an emerging target for cancer therapy 

Yeini Eilam(Israel) 

PL06 - Cancer Genetic Alterations and Risk of Venous Thromboembolism
S. Mantha (USA)

PL07 - The role of neutrophil extracellular traps in cancer-associated thrombosis
A. Rosell (Sweden)

PL08 - Role and regulation of TFPI and FV in tumor cells
N. Iversen (Norway)

Selected Abstract

  • Lunch Special Lecture
    Chairs: A. Falanga (Italy)

Importance of biobaking in cancer and thrombosis research: building new "horizons"
M. Lavitrano (Italy)

  • Plenary Session 3: Role of hemostatic biomarkers in CAT and cancer progression
    Chairs: Barry Kevane (Ireland), C. Ay (Austria)

PL09 - Bi-directional cross talk between coagulation and cancers: current assessment of pre-clinical evidence
J.M. O’Sullivan (Ireland)

PL10 - PET scan for occult cancer among patients with unprovoked VTE: what do we know?
A. Delluc (Canada)

PL11 - The relationship between platelets and cancer cells in the growing thrombus and in the development of cancer  

L. Panicot-Dubois (France)

PL12 - Hemostatic system activation in breast cancer: searching for new biomarkers for cancer risk prediction and outcomes 
M. Marchetti (Italy)

Selected Abstract

OC-03: Platelet-derived von Willebrand factor is involved in thrombosis and metastatic growth of melanoma in the brain
S.W. Schneider, J.R. Robador, F. T. Mayer, M. Feinauer, L. Keller, K. Pantel, J. Stadler, C. Gorzelanny, F. Winkler, and A.T. Bauer (Germany)

OC-04: Neutrophil extracellular traps promote cancer-associated inflammation and myocardial stress
J. Cedervall, M. Herre, A. Dragomir, F. Rabelo-Melo, A. Svensson, C. Thålin, A. Rosell, V. Hjalmar, H. Wallén, H. Lindman, G. Pejler, E. Hagström, M. Hultström, A. Larsson, A.K. Olsson (Sweden)

  • Debate: Catheter-associated Thrombosis in cancer patients: To prophylax or not to prophylax? 
    Chairs: Benjamin Brenner (Israel), Elena Faioni (Italy)

M. Carrier (Canada)

Luis Jara-Palomares (Spain)

  • Plenary Lecture: 7th Simon Karpatkin Memorial Lecture
    The Conference Chairmen

Introduction to Lecture
A.A. Khorana (USA)

Crosstalk between hemostasis and immunity in cancer pathogenesis 
J.S. Palumbo (USA)