Satellite Symposia

Take a look at the 11th ICTHIC Satellite Symposium program

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May 28 2022 Time 13.30 - 14.30 Oggioni room

Managing Cancer Associated Thrombosis - Is safety a concern? 

Introduction & Question and Answer S.Noble

An overview on the complexity of Cancer Associated Thrombosis and an update on the recent guidelines for Cancer Associated Thrombosis A. Matzdorff

An update on the management of Cancer Associated Thrombosis with LMWH F. Langer

Managing Patient Adherence in Cancer Associated Thrombosis L. Sardo



May 28, 2022 Time 13:30 - 14:30 Alabastro room

Holistic treatment of CAT: Peace of mind for concerned patients

Welcome to our patient's home: Laying the foundations C.Ay

Building the walls of confidence: Preventing recurrence A. Cohen

Roof of reassurance: Tailoring protection C. Becattini

Making it a home: Patient's preference M. Thomas

Panel and audience Q&A - close Panel

Closing remarks C. Ay


May 28, 2022 Time 13.30 - 14.30 Bianca room

Cancer-associated thrombosis: where do we stand in 2022? 

Welcome & introduction A. Kakkar & A. Falanga

Understanding VTE risk in surgical and medical cancer patients G. Gerotziafas

Optimizing prevention of VTE in cancer surgical patients K. Syrigos

Individualizing treatment for cancer associated VTE A. Maraveyas

Panel discussion A. Falanga & All

Conclusion and take-home messages A. Falanga & A. Kakkar