Thank you!

Dear Colleagues,

 We are very thankful for your partecipation in this special and very challenging virtual ICTHIC meeting

We believe that it has been a splendid conference thanks to the outstanding contributions of lecturers, speakers, discussants.

We have acquired knowledge and updated information on the issues of pathophysiology, clinical manifestations, treatments of thrombosis and hemostasis in cancer, to the benefit of further research developments and mostly to the benefit of better cure of our patients. Planning this conference as a completely virtual event we were afraid that the audience could be less numerous or that the discussion could be less lively. On the contrary, we had a high rate of attendance and the discussion very passionate after all lectures, oral and poster presentations.

We wish to thank the staff of the organazing secretariat for their incredible work and all the corporate companies for their generous support.

Finally, we want to say that even if we were all distant, we could still feel the friendly atmosphere and enthusiastic interactions of the wide ICTHIC community.

We are happy to announce that all ICTHIC Sessions will be available on the ICTHIC Virtual Platform ( from 28th April to 27th May, 2021.

We hope that you all enjoyed the Conference as much as we did, and we look forward to meeting you all in person in Bergamo soon for the 11th Edition.

The ICTHIC Chairmen,

Anna Falanga, Benjamin Brenner, Alok Khorana